Design Services 




~One Room at a Time

Would you love to change a room in your home?  Maybe it's never felt right or your lifestyle has changed.  

Just move in?  It worked in your old house, but it isn't working in your new house.

Re-Design is an affordable solution because it uses what you already own. Annie Jack Design can transform your room using solid design principles and a resourceful eye. You have your own style.  Imagine treasure hunting (shopping) in your own home to find the pieces that bring it all together. A new room emerges when your existing furnishings, art and accessories are re-arranged and re-purposed.  If new items are needed, suggestions are made to pursue at your discretion.



This service for clients who need key pieces or interesting accessories to complete a redesign, a home staging to sell, or an upcoming event.



8 seconds after walking through the front door, a buyer decides if this could be home.


~Working Consultation

A working consultation is a walk through of each room of your home detailing what needs to be done and leaving the homeowner with an action plan.
From here you can decide if you want to proceed on your own, or enlist Annie Jack Design services.


~Hands on Staging

This is for the homeowner who after reviewing the Staging Action Plan has decided to enlist Annie Jack Design services in part or in total.

When staging to sell, the focus is on the potential buyer and promoting the home's best features.  If any additional items are needed to complete the look recommendations are made and sourcing them is an option as well.